Reaction of armor

Unlike Ff, which is fundamentally constant under the polar shoe, the distribution of magnetomotive force Fa along the air gap is usually triangular. In general, the flow is directly proportional to the magnetomotive force (fmm), that is, fmm = Φ, where is the magnetic reluctance of the flow path 1.5 hp 56h motors.

The wavelength of the DC machines is modifiable, and the phenomenon of magnetic saturation in the magnetic material, the relationship between flux and fmm, is still present. is nonlinear. In the interpolation region, characterized by high reluctance values ​​when compared to those of the air gap, the flux density of the inductor field decreases and is ideally zero at the central point of this region, so does the flux density generated by the armature current.

The distribution of the resulting flux Bg along the air gap is achieved by adding the field and armature flows, which results in the distribution. When we examine the resulting flux wave, we notice that the distribution of the armature flux has changed the flux in the air gap under the inductor pole, this phenomenon is known by armature reaction.

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